Here are some really important things to consider as you look for a church, (but it might not be what you think):

We are not going to try and convince you that we're a super nice community of people who will quickly become your best friends; to be honest, we just don't know for sure (although we sure hope we do!). But you will always hear the good news of Christ and Him crucified for your sins. Church is where you go to hear and receive the Gospel, first and foremost; the social benefits are secondary. By the way, don't worry, we will never make you stand up and introduce yourself or anything. If you visit, feel free to sit in the back and nobody will bug you. Also, you will be given a worship folder (or program) with everything written out, so you can easily follow along with the worship service.

We are not going to lure you in with a rockin' band. We have a very cool organ, though. Seriously, wait till you hear this thing! We sing hymns that have been time-tested over many centuries; unlike the catchy pop tunes that are being sung by the latest worship celebrities. You will always be singing about God and His Word-not about yourself and your feelings (and that's a very good thing).

Our pastor does not tell lots of funny jokes and compelling personal stories that tug at your heartstrings. That would be a distraction and a hinderance; and that would keep you from hearing from God's Word, which is so much better than the words of any man. We use a liturgical form of worship because it puts parameters on the service so that it's always focused where it belongs-on God, and His Word. If you’ve ever felt like a church service was a show and the pastor was too much like a comedian or motivational speaker, you’ll really appreciate how we try to do things here.

We are not going to tell you to drop off your kids at our amazing children's service with clowns, games, videos and snacks (we actually don't have a children's service). We do have children's Sunday School after the service (when the adults have their Bible class); but we encourage the whole family to worship together. The occasional crying baby is no big deal, but there is a "cry room" if you need it. And the entire service is always just an hour long (that's because all the fluffy entertainment and unnecessary filler has been removed). 

We are not overly interested in "getting the numbers up," but we are very interested in making disciples. Our pastor will spend a lot of time teaching the Bible to every single person who wants to learn; in fact, in order to be a member you need to go through a detailed Bible study with him. You won't find this kind of careful instruction in many churches anymore.

The Adult Education class is where you'll receive solid, in-depth teaching directly from the Bible (not the latest Christian best-seller):

It's very common for churches to use the phrase "Come as you are" as a slogan to welcome new people, but after you've been there a while, that phrase doesn't seem to apply anymore-it's only for the newer new people. "Come as you are" gets replaced with "here's another sermon on all the stuff you aren't doing-now get to work!" That's not what we teach and believe as Lutherans. We would really like the chance to explain what we do and why we do it here at Risen Savior; you may find out that Christianity is more simple than you thought, and a whole lot better, too.

We are all a bunch of sinners and we don't need to pretend we're anything else. Our faith is focused on Jesus and His amazing love that was expressed on the cross.

If you've never visited Risen Savior before (or if you're just curious) here's a fun and interesting conversation between Pastor Janke and Steve Kozar (from our church council) about what we do here, it's called "Old-Fashioned Fuddy Duddies?"

Here's the second video in the series: